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What is GAMESCS?

  • GAMESCS community is an online environment which offers to its users servers for multiplayer games, informations from IT, gaming, social & entertainment, photoshop & design as well as other public interest themes.
  • By becoming a user of GAMESCS community you are aware that you are giving your permission for processing data with personal content.
  • The displayed content (informations, projects, rules & regulations, logo) it's under the property of gamescs.ro and the distribution of the materials without the given consens is against the law.
  • Activating in the GAMESCS community you will have only satisfaction, such as user but also through the contribution of the materials to the community.
  • We are not responsable for losing information with personal characteristics by accessing links or informations that haven't been checked by the administrative staff.
Navigating forum
  • Before making a new topic please use the Search function to verify if the subject you want to open it hasn't been posted by other user before. Also, keep in mind to review and respect the rules & regulations of the cathegory in which you post/reply. The repeated actions or abusive posting of topics with subjects already existent on forum or disrespecting the rules & regulations of the cathegories in which you post it's liable of warning or suspension of user.
  • It's not allowed to make topics that serve as purpose to spam or games between users such as 'Let's count to 1000'. If such topics will be introduced it will be done by a moderator in the coresponding section. other users participating in dialog or to make
  • Double-post is penalised with 3 points of warning (at 10 points of warning your account will be temporary suspended).
  • Posting pornographic, obscene or racist materials it is forbidden! Any subject with themes like this please report!
  • The inappropriate language, advertising or spamming in private messaging it is forbidden! Report to a moderator/administrator in order to be taken actions.


Sanctions on the CHAT



  • Is forbidden to use icons (PRO / Contra / Rejected / Accepted / Merge Topic / Top ) on the CHAT screen! Sanction 3 points WARN  !
  • It is forbidden to Advertise Other Sites / Communities on CHAT Ban Permanently!
  • Do not use a Licensed Language on CHAT Penalty Ban 24 Hours / 48 Hours / Permanently!
  •  Do not Spam on CHAT Sanction  3 points WARN  !


Sanctions Warnings

  • Double Post: It is sanctioned with 3 points WARN !
  • Post-Hunt: It is sanctioned with 3 points WARN  !
  • Spam: It is sanctioned with 3 points WARN  !
  • Inappropriate language: It is sanctioned with 3 points WARN  !
  • Abusive Behavior: It is sanctioned with 3 points WARN  !
  • Too Colored Fund / Too Large Size Fund : It is sanctioned with 3 points WARN  !
  • Advertise in Signature / Avatar : It is sanctioned with 5  points WARN  !
  • If you acumulate 10 points  WARN your account will be Temporary Suspended for a period of 15 -Days
  • Inappropriate nicknames or with reference to obscene, racist alusions or attacks to the other members of community it is forbidden.
  • The avatar must not contain indecent or racist images.
  • Links or images in signatures that serve as purpose advertising are forbidden.
Report center
  • Do not abuse of the report function! Use it only if necesary and if you notice posts/topics or profiles that require the attention of the staff.
Clone accounts
  • A user is allowed to have only one account on forum.
  • In case you have received a warn/ban on an account, it is forbidden to make a new one.
  • The topics that imply WAREZ are forbidden!
What is warez?:

Warez is the illegal distribution of a content protected by law through any means. Briefly, piracy.
Any subject involving warez brings to the user(s) penalties without further explanations:
  • Instructions, discussions or links about how to run a pirated program, inclusiv cracks.
  • Requesting or posting serial numbers or cracks.
  • Requesting or posting DLC's.
  • Requesting or posting trackers.
  • Download links of which content you are not entitled with author property/author rights (eg: movies, music, games, softwares) // exceptions make the official sites that share free the software or content created by them.
  • Advertising private servers or making statements such as 'it's better to play free' than to pay monthly fee for official servers.
  • False accusations or without proof towards GAMESCS staff are penalised with warn to deactivating the account.
  • Server owners are obliged to assume responsability for the routine work that they have to do, to not abuse their position and to be aware that they must respect the rules & regulations as any other user. Breaking the internal rules can bring restriction of access up to 2 weeks.
  • The moderator always has the last word! If there are situations that necesitate the aplication of rules outside the rules & regulations, it will be done without further explanations.
  • Excuses such as "I didn't knew it wasn't allowed", "I didn't knew about this rule" are NOT accepted. Not knowing the rules it is not an excuse!
  • Links to other gaming communties are penalised with permanent ban.
  • If a user wants to offer invitations/license registration to another site, this must contact first an administrator to receive the permission.
  • Posting in cathegory Announcements it is forbidden!
  • The GAMESCS Staff reserves the right to change the rules & regulations as many times as necessary. Any change will be announced and specified.
Internal rules
  • Every cathegory can have internal rules that involve posting/organising. Every user must respect the internal rules and read before posting in the cathegory. If there are rules that you find abusive, please report to an administrator so it can take measures if necessary.
The present Rules & Regulations has been last modified on 03.09.2017 with no further adjustment.
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